• BLESSER 505-WA(1 step)
  • BLESSER 440 (anouther color,finish)
  • Aivars and BLESSER 440 (exhibition)
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BLESSER 505-WA(1 step)
BLESSER 440 (anouther color,finish)
Aivars and BLESSER 440 (exhibition)
Only forvard!
Designer and his model

New projects


I would like to write a few words about the name of "Bester".

Highslide JS Several years ago I worked on the project of the boat series. At that time I was engaged in the technical calculations. This is a strained process: my friend Andris and I headed to a fish Farm when having a short break (there is such a wonder in Latvia). I saw some new and selected by the scientists types of fish there. They were joined with all best qualities of fish from Beluga to Sterlet. One specimen was called BE (from Beluga) plus Ster (from Sterlet). This is how the idea of the boat series was born. Much later two of my friends, the father and his son were hit by the storm. And it was a long battle to survive. Being too far away they lost their hope a few times during that storm. The waves were gigantic and sometimes a half of the sky was covered by them. Eventually these two moored to the coast. I know about this story from the one of them, the father. He called me because the first thing his son said when they were in a safe spot was the following: "Call Aivars and thank him for the boats." Only after this story I stopped to abuse myself for the too self-confident name of my boats. Two lives completely justified my "Bester", and I thank God that he gives me a patience to check my calculations many times to achieve the maximum reliability and to make a boat unsinkable.
Aivars Yanmers (Kozuls)

The "Blesser" series name is obliged to my wife...

Highslide JS The "Blesser" series name is obliged to my wife, because such serious assignment was put on her. The sacrament of choosing the name occurred with a help of all dictionaries which we could find in our house. We viewed the variants in the alphabetical order. The English verb "to bless" was the best match. Probably the boats besides their harmonious name also received a blessing from above, because they are in a huge demand in many countries. And you already understand that this is the favorite model of my wife who enjoys this name created by her own, and who is also proud of it every time she can see this darling to her heart "Blesser" on internet, in magazines, or on TV.
Aivars Yanmers (Kozuls)

"Blesser" is one of the popular boat model in Europe. At the present time the model sales in Norway, Finland, Niderland, Sweden, Lituania, Czech Republic, Latvia.


Boats. New directions.

Highslide JS It is no secret that boat manufacturing is developing not quite as intensively as the car manufacturing. It is caused by a number of reasons such as seasonal use of boats, a smaller market, and, of course, the fact that cars are a necessary means of transportation, whereas boats are primarily made for leisure. Nevertheless, there are certain tendencies in the development of the boat-building industry. What is actually available on the boat market? I will clarify that we are going to talk about small, so-called trailer boats, ranging in length from 12 to 20 feet. In the diverse world of water amusements there are boats that have been successfully made for different purposes such as fishing, hunting, waterskiing, sports tourism, high-speed sports, and also for firefighters, lifeguards, and security services. What all these boats have in common is the way in which they evolved. Boat engineering demanded use of more and more powerful engines in order to increase the speed. Some of the most popular manufacturers of such engines are Mercury, Evenrut, Yamaha, Suzuki, Tahatcu, and Nissan. These largest manufacturers worked on the technical provision for the boat industry. They have actually done a good job. As an example, recreation boats under 20 feet long use engines as powerful as 60 HP. Another common aspect in small boat evolution is the materials and technology used in manufacturing. High speed requires that boat manufacturers use durable materials. Manufacturing technology focuses on safety, which is also becoming a necessary part of the high-speed trend in boatbuilding. Over the last decade, the following boat construction materials have become very popular: kevlar, carbon, epoxy pitch, synthetic cellular fillings, etc. It is simply impossible to build strong high-speed boats and yachts without these materials. New materials certainly call for modernized and complicated technology. It would seem that the boat market has pleased all the consumers without exception and has fulfilled all their desires and materialized their dreams. Sportsmen, fishermen, wake boarders, and all for whose sake designers and builders have worked must be happy now. However, I will name the consumer who was left behind. Being a designer myself, I am confused because never really considered this consumer before. I mean an average middle class family. In this article I will name some signs based on which I came up with the diagnoses that the boat market never paid enough attention to this category of buyers. What especially pertains to the above named consumer category is diversity in interests and physical capabilities. The financial stability of middle class has been strongly affected by fluctuations in gas prices. It is families with children that are in need of higher fuel consumption. And it is only natural because in addition to trips to and from work parents end up spending fuel on trips they make because of their kids (schools, sports, music classes, and vacation trips). It could be very hard to add boat fuel expenses to all that. Even with the modern technology it may cost approximately $200-300 a day to fill up a boat. How many such days can a middle class family afford? As for water recreation, generally speaking, children are most interested in wakeboarding, fishing, waterskiing, and swimming. Adults in addition to the above named activities are also interested in relaxing and tanning on the deck. In addition, it would be appropriate to have space for family lunch and dinner, which would be comfortable and would allow parents to be more focused on their children. Before moving on to any particular conclusions about the most popular types of boats, I would like to focus on such vital issue as safety. Safety is most certainly essential to both fishing fans and racers. However, it is harder to ensure safety for children and seniors around. They are more vulnerable to emergencies than fishermen and racers. Moreover, it is necessary to understand that in case of an unforeseen situation on the water (like a crush or a boat turnover) certain children and seniors could need a help at the same time. Engineer's task is to design the equipment and shape the boat in the safest way with regard to emergency situations. Based on my own vision of the modern small boat market, I engineer and design boats for family recreation, which are affordable for middle class in America and Europe. I honestly consider it a promising business that requires a special approach and close consideration from the large manufacturers. In my design and engineering I was guided by the following consumer principals:
  • 1. Constructional calculation of such boats is based on the use of average capacity engines. High sea traveling performance is expected at the speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • 2. Equipping free space with adaptations that can be easily transformed.
  • 3. To combine various entertainments on the water as much as possible. In particular to combine fishing, bathing, tanning, skiing, and other activities with an opportunity to spend a night on a boat.
  • 4. A special attention needs to be addressed to the full unsinkability of a boat. Many companies ignore this major aspect. Although, there are such boatbuilding companies who have accomplished the problem of the full unsinkability perfectly. One of the examples is the firm Boston Water. I believe that in case of an accidental overturning it is absolutely necessary to design holders for hands and to locate them on the board of a boat, more close to a cheekbone. Such holders, for example, allow people to fasten one child while helping another one (or an elder person.)
  • 5. I think that today is the time to stop using lines of hulls with the deep "V" shape. Old kind quadrangular lines modified with today's achievements of hydrodynamics, will allow families to save a large amount of money. Moreover, such lines will provide both, greater carrying capacity and good seaworthiness.
    And all this is achieved along with very decent speed. Today, in the conditions of current economic problems and the energy crisis, there is an opportunity for designers to show their mastery in designing a reliable, sound and economic boat.
I try to consider all of the above aspects, and I hope that, upon completion of all the calculations and final extraordinary design of a typical middle class family boat, a new product will appear on the market. This product will be more economical (the fuel cost will be reduced approximately in half), safer for adults, children, elderly people, and fishermen. It will also allow waterskiing and having family dinner outside, in the open air.
In conclusion, I will mention some statistical data to show a potential type of consumer and to demonstrate potential demand for these economical boats that are adapted to family needs. According to the 2007 data release, the income of an average American family is $61355.00 a year. Across America, an average family has 2.2 children. I am sure, that the European data will be also eloquent.
I would like to add a few words about the high-speed boats. These are remarkable achievements in the field and this is the best what could occur to the boat fleet. I believe that now is the time to develop small boatbuilding with focus on fuel economy rather than on high speed performance.
There is an expression: The best is the enemy of the good.
The high-speed parameters of such family boats will yield to the traditional ones, but, at the same time, they will have some remarkable advantages. Such qualities will make the "best" for millions of the families. There are some eternal human values such as spending time with your own family, enjoying the non-stopping romanticism of water, wind, and the sun altogether. It is not even necessary to spend the money to buy a boat with extra speed. Valuable family unity means much more than mere water recreation.