• BLESSER 505-WA(1 step)
  • BLESSER 440 (anouther color,finish)
  • Aivars and BLESSER 440 (exhibition)
  • Only forvard!
  • Designer and his model
BLESSER 505-WA(1 step)
BLESSER 440 (anouther color,finish)
Aivars and BLESSER 440 (exhibition)
Only forvard!
Designer and his model

New projects
I am thankful to my destiny...

Highslide JSAlmost each person associates himself with a business he carries away. Sometimes this is a hobby, and sometimes this is a profession. Such happens when a profession or a hobby join together. I am thankful to my destiny that this has happened with me. When somebody had asked me how an idea of a certain model was born I never found an answer right away. But once I asked myself the same question. The process of creation of a boat consists of several stages. In the beginning there is a process of the accumulation of information, for instance, viewing the magazines about old and modern types of the boatbuilding process. This type of magazines "live" in my house as the hosts, occupying all available free space, and I keep them despite the grumbling of my family members.

Highslide JS Separate topic is the yacht and motor boat exhibition. Special euphoria overcomes me on the eve of attendance of the next exhibition (even I do not participate). My presence on this event always gives me energy and emotions. I see a gentle hint and a suggestion in present models: how I can use what I have seen there in my own future works. And vice versa, disillusionment with some clumsy model brings a desire to adjust and correct these clumsy and unfinished lines. And of course, except exhibitions and presentations, all surrounded world such modern machines, silhouettes of buildings, models of clothing, and even an instant fly of a bird mechanically caught by the memory is a source of the inspiration and ideas. All of these observations live inside of me and prompt the ideas, displaying in drawings and sketches of the future motor boats.

Highslide JS Next stage is a calculation. It is necessary to take into consideration all technical characteristics and parameters. This is not a quite constructive process, but just this part allows making a boat within maximum functionality. My task is to provide of the presence of the beauty, comfort, and safety equally. This "cocktail" must be added with a maximum saving. Every detail has to be proved with esthetics, function, and economical efficiency. After all the calculations are completed, the drawings and sketches are all edited, and the budget is approximately known then a responsible and "sensual" process of the birth of the actual model begins following by the tests of all parameters in real conditions, and sometimes by a long time process of corrections. At last, when the boat is ready, in addition to my usual surprise, suddenly, I have a sensation that it already lives by its own life that does not belong to me, although each of its lines has been suffered by me and has been familiar to me in details.

Highslide JS A long time afterwards I continue finishing and improving this model in my thoughts until forcing myself to stop: this boat already exists. Later, when occasionally I see a boat with my design on the water, I feel the mixed feelings. This is an unexplainable feeling of loss and joy to see a live embodiment of the own creativity at the same time. Here I pronounced this word. This is an uncontrollable desire to create that teases me from inside and feeds with an inspiration comparing to a feeling of fly. The creativity is not a gift, but an illness, and I am chronically sick, and I admit that without regret.

Aivars Yanmers (Kozuls)